Rich DiNicola, USA


Rich DeNicola is one of Customer Champions' US associatesRich founded Customer Value Analysis, Inc. to develop and to apply a portfolio of econometric modeling and multivariate analysis techniques to the analysis and modeling of customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction survey data.

He works closely with Customer Value Management associates (Colin Bates of Customer Champions in Europe; Rodger Gallagher and Owen Mayall in Australia and New Zealand; Ray Kordupleski and West Vogel in the U.S.), using these techniques to create actionable customer value models and tools. These provide our clients with a quantitative, statistically sound understanding of relationships among customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and market performance variables. He has provided such models and tools to major organisations and clients in telecommunications, banking, utility, electronics, entertainment, consumer appliance, paper, and wholesale industries.

Rich has extensive experience in applying econometric and multivariate methods to both continuous and discrete data, across a broad scope of disciplines that include laser and semiconductor research, theoretical finance, applied economics, forecasting, market research and survey research.

Rich has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials Science, and Business Administration.