Gautam Mahajan, Asia Pacific


Gautam MahajanGautam Mahajan founded Customer Value Foundation (CVF) to help companies incorporate TCM or Total CustomerValue Management. This will allow all functions/departments in the company to become customer focused, and to think of the customer’s needs in addition to their functional duties. Using Customer Value Added as the Voice of the Customer, CVF helps companies understand the value needs of the customer. CVF also educates all levels of employees and provides customer certification.

Clients include the Tata Group, the Birlas, ITC, Steel Authority of India. Clients of CVF associates include GE, GTE, Valmont, BTR Nylex, Toyo Seikan, Solvay, Husky, Sidel, Rexam, Alcoa, Continental Can, Novartis, Xerox, DuPont among others.

Gautam works closely with Customer Value Management Inc and Ray Kordupleski and his associates worldwide.

Mr. Mahajan worked in the US for 17 years with Continental Group. He is one of the inventors of the PET petaloid bottle and noise control kits. He commercialized the half liter PET bottle, aseptic products such as puddings and yogurts and the co extruded plastics business including ready to eat foods and soups. He spent time in California in 1998-2000 helping British dotcom companies.

Mr. Mahajan is past Regional President of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, and was Chairman, PlastIndia Committee, Vice President All India Plastics Manufacturers Association, Trustee Plastics Institute of America. He was a member of the US India think tank. Among his honors is a Fellowship from Harvard Business School and Illinois Institute of Technology. He also has 18 US patents. He was honored by the Illinois Institute of Technology with its Distinguished Alumni award. Mr Mahajan is a graduate of IIT Madras, where he was an Institute Merit Scholar. He has a Master’s degree in Mechanics and has completed his PhD coursework from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and has an MBA from Suffolk University.

Gautam is the author of Customer Value Investment: Formula for Sustained Business Success published by Sage Response Books.

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