Established in 1999

A history of continuous change and growth for Customer Champions


Customer experience management
Since we were established in 1999, the profile of the customer and their impact upon the success of organisations, both public and private, has continued to grow. At Customer Champions we have seen this ongoing trend through the increased active involvement of senior management in the programmes we have developed and delivered for our clients. What used to be seen as primarily a customer satisfaction survey, which was owned and run by the market research team, has flourished into a much more strategic customer experience programme, which has been sponsored and driven by senior management from across the organisation. Today our clients include CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, CMOs and CSOs.

Maximise the value of customer feedback
We have seen organisations continue to talk about improving customer service by using different measures and descriptions such as customer satisfaction, dissatisfaction, CSI indexes, loyalty, retention, churn, delight, recommend and experience. However, the fundamental challenge remains of being able to understand what customers value in the relationship, and then delivering against it at a level that is better than your competitors. Then ensuring that this delivers against your organisations KPIs.

Perhaps the disappointment that we see is that when presenting to non-clients we are still getting complete agreement on the overall picture below, which essentially shows that asking for customer feedback is reasonably straight forward, the challenge remains in acting upon it in a way that is both of benefit to the customer and the organisation.

Maximising the value of customer feedback

Moving clients forward
Since our formation in 1999 the number of clients, the industries in which they operate, and the countries in which we have delivered programmes has continued to grow, and with it the experience that we can share with future clients. Some of our experience has been gained in: central government, defence & security, telecommunications, retailing, financial services, petrochemical, aviation, mobile, and science and innovation.

Through our growing network of associates we have delivered programmes in the UK, USA, India, Australasia, and all across Europe.

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