Who We Are

Customer Champions is a team of experts focused on converting customer feedback into profitable action for our clients and delivering an improved experience for their customers. We do this by relating customer data to the bottom line of the business, and identifying actionable areas that drive true value for the customers.

The team’s expertise is in helping clients who face the following challenges:

  • Reducing costs whilst improving the customers’ experience
  • Developing a pricing structure that delivers an improved financial performance whilst meeting customer needs
  • Helping individual employees understand what they can do to improve their customers’ experience
  • Focusing management time on not only listening to customers but allocating valuable resources to improve the customers’ experience
  • Managing customer complaints effectively
  • Increasing customer retention
  • Reducing customer churn
  • Improving customer loyalty
  • Increasing market share
  • Increasing the clients share of their customers’ wallet

Since starting-up in 1999 Customer Champions has built an extensive network of highly experienced specialists based in both UK and Europe, and worldwide. In total our global network of professionals has hundreds of years of experience in a wide variety of countries and industries, all focused on ensuring that placing the customer at the centre of your organisation delivers real benefits for all parties.

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