What Our Clients Say

Northgate Vehicle Hire had been gathering customer feedback for a number of years but were looking for a professional research partner to help us gain real insight that would drive change within the business. With Customer Champions we found a highly experienced agency to partner with who could support us in going beyond NPS measurement and identifying practical actions required to continuously improve our customers’ experience, particularly with regards to customer service. If you are looking for an agency to take you beyond NPS and provide actionable customer insight I would recommend you contact Customer Champions. Head of Propositions & Customer Experience

Customer Champions supported Pandrol in the evaluation and development of our approach to collecting Net Promoter Score data from our global customer base. They executed a professional series of telephone interviews conducted in a range of languages to capture our customers’ level of recommendation, but also vitally the reasons for that recommendation. High priority customer issues were immediately flagged to us, so where appropriate we could follow up with the customer on an individual basis.
With the extensive verbatim from the interviews translated into English, Customer Champions then conducted analysis of this to identify the key drivers of recommendation across our customer segmentation. This has supported us in our focus on identifying the actions we need to implement in order to continue to deliver an excellent experience for our customers. Marketing & Communications Director

ERA were looking for a partner to help us build a framework and launch our ‘Customer First’ programme within the business. We appointed Customer Champions as they had a very good understanding of our requirements and were flexible in their practical approach which fitted well with the culture of our organisation. Working with cross functional teams, and supporting us in gaining customer input, a series of workshops were held to develop a customer journey map. From that we were able to prioritise initial areas in which to improve our customer’s experience. Customer Champions worked alongside us throughout this process to help identify the root causes in these areas and propose effective action plans which our teams are implementing. If you are looking for a partner to help develop and rollout an effective ‘Customer First’ programme we would recommend you consider Customer Champions. Sales Director

We had been looking for a partner to help us implement a Net Promoter Score programme that would add value to our business, and that was flexible in its approach. Thankfully one of our customers recommended Customer Champions. They have worked with us to understand our needs and have developed a cost effective approach, based upon NPS, that has been rolled out across a number of key customer groups. This now provides us with insight into how we can improve the experience for our business customers across Europe. If you are looking to gain customer insight that allows you to drive improvement in your business I would recommend that you discuss your requirements with Customer Champions.

Customer Champions’ professionalism has enabled us to set up and run a European wide Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey that reports on a quarterly basis. The survey conducted over the phone in over 30 countries in some dozen different languages provides us with both highly actionable data at a corporate level, and where appropriate at an individual customer level. This enables us to drive continuous improvement in the relationship with our customers by using the feedback to leverage our strengths across the region and improve upon the gaps identified in our performance. The expertise provided through Customer Champions has allowed us to drive our business by being truly customer focused and utilise NPS as a KPI across our European business. If you are considering utilising NPS within your own business I would strongly recommend that you get in contact with Customer Champions.

Delivered through our multiple retail brands, customer service is a vital element of the AS Watson global proposition. Within Europe we were looking for a partner to work with to help us further develop our mystery shopping programme through the use of Customer Journey Mapping. Customer Champions filled that role perfectly by developing a bespoke workshop for our colleagues from 14 different European countries and facilitating the development of a customer journey map for each individual business unit. They also provided ‘train the trainer’ tools to enable them to independently run their own in-country sessions. This was further supported by pre and post event documentation. I would thoroughly recommend Customer Champions to help any organisation to gain the maximum return from Customer Journey Mapping.

Customer Champions reacted professionally to a very short lead time to develop and execute a bespoke customer journey mapping two day workshop for Network Rail. With multiple functions represented at the workshop, Customer Champions facilitated both the overall event and round table discussions to enable the Network Rail team to be introduced to customer journey mapping, and to identify the key customer touchpoints. From here the teams captured both customer and corporate issues that needed to be tackled to improve the overall experience of our customers. Customer Champions have enabled us to continue to improve our customers’ experience.

Customer Champions’ experience and professionalism enabled them to work closely with us to ensure they have a clear and detailed understanding of our needs. Over a four year relationship, we have jointly developed and executed a multi-language global online survey capturing the thoughts of our IT customers. The results, analysed and presented by Customer Champions, enabled us to develop a clear action plan on where we need to focus to continue on our journey of improving the level of service we can deliver to our customers year on year.

QinetiQ have worked closely with Customer Champions since 2006. They recently completed a high quality piece of work by interviewing face to face some of our most senior customers within the MOD (2* and 3* level). Their professional approach and knowledge of our market has enabled them to capture detailed customer feedback, including accurate and actionable verbatim. The feedback covers both our current performance, and importantly how customers see our role with them going forward. This work has enabled us confidently to follow up on these detailed reports with our customers.

Heathrow working in close collaboration with its airline business partners is crucial if we are to achieve our vision of being the UK’s direct connection to the world and Europe’s hub of choice by making every journey better. However our previous airline business partner survey was not providing the business with meaningful and actionable results to help Heathrow understand how it could improve its working relationship with its airline business partners.

Customer Champions’ fresh approach to understanding the key issues amongst airline business partners and producing engaging and insightful outputs was fundamental in the successful implementation of the new research programme. The online survey achieved our highest ever response rate from a business partner survey and the clear actionable findings have supported the deployment of effective communications both with Heathrow employees and with its airline business partner and most importantly has allowed the implementation of actions to increase the level of collaboration.

Since we commissioned Customer Champions they have worked in close partnership with us to initially develop a customer focused survey for a UK trial, and then to roll it out globally in several languages. Their ability to analyse and interpret the data has enabled us as a management team to develop a clear plan of action based upon our customers’ insight.

I would strongly recommend that companies consider Customer Champions for global B2B customer feedback programmes where they not only want customer feedback but also want to be in a position to deliver change because of it.

Their approach of initially gathering the views on our current levels of customer engagement from our employees generally and those of the leadership team, through a combination of individual interviews and workshops, has enriched both our understanding and formed a strong foundation from which to now gather customer input. This has been done by Customer Champions conducting in-depth interviews with key decision makers in our customer base, and supporting us in the identification of effective action plans.

Cap Gemini are one of Customer Champions largest IT sector clients
Customer Champions’ customer insight skills provided us with a positive differentiator in supporting our successful outsourcing bid. Subsequently their experience and professionalism have ensured a highly successful deployment of a global online survey. Their analysis of our customer’s end-user feedback has given us real insight that will help us focus our service improvement programme on the right things..

Customer Champions’ retail knowledge ensured that they delivered to us a valuable report that not only met our research needs, but also our commercial needs. I would recommend them to any organisation wanting further insight into its retail customer service processes.

Our research was telling us that our customers weren’t happy, but it wasn’t giving us clear direction on why and what to do about it. The only action we could recommend was more research. If that sounds familiar to you, I suggest you contact Customer Champions.

Customer Champions has led a number of workshops across the business to help us to define our corporate strategy for gathering and acting upon customer feedback. With their clear and supportive guidance we have moved to developing Customer Journey Maps to provide a clearer direction for our Customer Strategy. This has provided the direction required to help review and update previous corporate surveys, the outputs from which will help us to create an even clearer understanding of our customers’ needs and how we are meeting these ranging from a very high level corporate view, down to individual markets and key customers.

Heathrow Airport logo
Working to an extremely tight deadline Customer Champions delivered an excellent piece of insightful research that was presented through an interactive workshop. Their professional and flexible approach delivered not only meaningful feedback but also a detailed and valuable action plan ensuring that all key stakeholders could maximise the value of the feedback received.

We found Customer Champions to be professional and diligent in their execution of our market awareness and understanding study of key decision makers in the US Airport market, with specific attention to the technical complexities. They helped us throughout the whole programme from refining the brief, developing the questionnaire, conducting telephone based interviews, running an interactive workshop on the results, and supported the development of an executive summary that was issued to the wider market as marketing collateral.

Having sponsored and supported the British challengers, James Cracknell and Ben Fogle, in the race to the South Pole, it was vital that we could measure the commercial impact of this investment. Customer Champions delivered a highly professional awareness tracking survey that will provide vital data on the stickiness of sponsorship of such ventures.

Customer Champions have provided high quality facilitation skills in helping the Environment Agency roll out a nationwide series of Customer Service workshops. Their experience ensured that employees attending the workshops were able to contribute to, develop, and commit to their own action plans to ultimately deliver high levels of customer service.

Serco selected Customer Champions to better understand the value we deliver to our customers, and in which areas we can increase this. They interviewed our customers in a professional manner and highlighted a number of key areas we need to focus on to grow our business. Their focus on action planning will ensure we will take the results forward and demonstrate further added value to our customers.

Customer Champions have been our key partner in helping us fully understand the cost of a customer complaint to our business, and then to focus on putting effective correction plans in place. Their professional approach has ensured that we have not only got senior management support to the programme, but also that of our stores.”

“As an organisation we can see the value of ensuring that our customer feedback programme completes the Customer Champions cycle going from data collection, through internal communications, action planning, action deployment, and finally customer communication. Customer Champions are an invaluable partner in working closely with us to ensure that not only do we complete the cycle, but vitally provide a relationship to our customers that is valuable for all parties.”

Customer Champions have been instrumental in helping us develop our customer survey and it is now much more aligned with our customers’ needs. Their detailed analysis identified areas for improvement and showed us which ones will deliver the biggest impact for our customers. We are now improving our service based on what customers have told us they want and we are meeting our own strategic needs.

Customer Champions perspectives on Customer Satisfaction rated highly by AURA members. At the AURA (Association of Users of Research Agencies) 2006 seminar dedicated to Customer Satisfaction, Customer Champions received a very high rating (4.4 out of 5, where 5 = ‘excellent’). Colin Bates of Customer Champions whose presentation was described as “very insightful”, commented that “We are delighted that this important audience recognised our expertise and knowledge that we can offer to them in this vital aspect of any company’s business.

“Customer Champions’ level of market knowledge and overall business experience meant that we did not have to invest heavily in bringing them up to speed before talking to our customers. Their marketing experience ensured that we could jointly develop an overall marketing strategy that would ensure that we supported our customer needs by offering them unique key benefits through our services to their business.”

“Customer Champions have been a key partner in successfully rolling out our global Customer Value Management programme. They have executed a series of excellent workshops that have been focused on understanding customer feedback, maximising its value through interpretation, and the development of detailed action plans.”

“Customer Champions brought an exceptional level of marketing professionalism to our customer segmentation programme. The very high quality of their interviewers provided a depth of knowledge that added true value to our customer understanding. This combined with their total belief in our programme, high levels of enthusiasm and patience, provided a level of service I have not experienced from any other marketing agency.”

“Customer Champions involvement with our global Trade Customer Satisfaction Survey helped us maximise the value of the data that was being collected, and enabled us to more clearly identify those issues that would provide us with the greatest return on our marketing investment.”

“Customer Champions’ drive, knowledge, and expertise has helped BT to gain a better understanding of how it maximises the return it gets from its business marketing budgets, supporting a shift in both culture and practice in this area.”

Customer Services Director, National Retailer:
Customer Champions’ audit of our current customer satisfaction programme has been excellent, and we now have a much clearer route map of how we can further improve the programme, and ultimately improve the service level that we provide to our customers.

Market Research Manager. British Red Cross:
Customer Champions gave us valuable insight into an extremely difficult to contact group of public sector professionals. The telephone interviews were conducted sensitively, and their presentation enhanced the British Red Cross’ understanding of our positioning among this audience, and how we could develop it further.