Research into Actions

Or what an independent osteopathy clinic in Thrapston can do that many organisations would give their eye-teeth for!

They don’t refer to their patients as customers and yet they are instinctive providers of customer service, never having attended a customer satisfaction course in their lives.

  • They segmented their customer base by frequency of visit, length of relationship and date of last visit
  • They logically worked through which would be most efficiently targeted using their finite budget
  • They developed and administered a short 10 question survey covering such as: satisfaction with practitioner, parking, waiting room, value for money (time paid for was valuably used)
  • All members of staff were involved from admin to practitioner
  • All staff were party to the results and were encouraged to input their suggestions for improving areas which customers said could be better
  • They produced a poster for the clinic (see below) and included the results in their newsletter which is sent to every consenting customer
THANK YOU for taking part in our SURVEY
Here are the improvements to our service:
Music playing in the waiting area – some liked it, others not so sure.
We do have the need to provide background sound/music to sometimes allow an extra layer of confidentiality to our patients. We have now changed the style from upbeat “pop” music to a more atmospheric “classical” style – we hope you like it.
Car parking is sometimes difficult
A few of you commented on the parking facilities. We have decided that the large bush located in the middle of the parking area is to be removed to allow more room to park and for ease of vehicle movement when arriving and departing the clinic. We have also installed extra lighting on the driveway.
Could you remind me of my next appointment by text message?
Yes we can! We have recently started using this service, but we do need to have your consent to contact you via your mobile telephone number. Please ask the receptionist to arrange this facility for you.
Your comments have been very useful to us here at the Orchard Clinic. Any further questions or queries you may have please do not hesitate to speak to one of us about it.

When these actions are overlaid on Customer Champions’ Maximising the Value of Customer Feedback cycle below we can see the measurement aspect is ticked, both areas of communications (external and internal) are more than covered, and actions were both planned and deployed. With no dedicated Customer Insight department or Market Research personnel and a tiny 3-figure budget they have succeeded in closing the cycle where so many fail (95% according to our research).



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