Our Overall Philosophy and Approach

Customer Champions will maximise the value of any customer data that you currently have available and, if required, we will carry out further research to supplement customer insight and understanding. From this, we can then identify your perceived performance and examine this with respect to the competition.

We firmly believe that customers buy products and services on a “value for money” basis, so we identify the drivers of that value, and identify where you have competitive strengths and weaknesses.

This information is then used to identify critical improvement areas, which are those that are major drivers of value, plus where you have a competitive disadvantage. Having identified those areas, we then work very closely with you to unearth the root causes of these customer issues and support you in the development of appropriate countermeasures. The deployment of these countermeasures will also be fully supported with a communication plan back out to customers, and importantly within your own organisation.

To find out about why it is so important to maximise the value of your customer data, visit Maximising the Value.

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